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The Team

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Head instructor

Schwiin Indoor Cycling Certified
GX Fitness Certified
CPR, First Aid, AED Certified

Head Trainer & R50 Instructor, Caitlyn is always servin' up good vibes. Fitness to her is all about bringing out the best version of yourself physically and mentally. Join this energiser bunny as she journeys alongside you, exceeding limits, finding balance and bringing out that inner confidence. 

"Comfort is the enemy of progress" - PT Barnum

When she's not sweating out you can find her either bobbing her head to a new themed ride she's curating or out sharing her energy with her friends!


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Brandon is a cardio-junkie! If he's not teaching spin, he's out there playing football with his mates! His range of music goes from All Out 80s to Top Hits of Today! Often telling silly jokes, you often can't tell if you're at a comedy show or a spin class. Brandon enjoy's sprints and Fast Jogs, so get ready for some high speed beats that will get you pumping!


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Lee Qi


Meet Lee Qi! We asked her why she wanted to become an instructor & her reasoning was because she loved the company too much & desperately wanted to be a part of  the team - no, we did not pay her to say this. We have the screenshots. 

But jokes aside, she’s loved the idea of safe space & being yourself even when you’re progressing with your fitness goals. She may seem a little shy but once she’s on the podium, she’s a beast! Giving you a good sweat but also creating and sharing vulnerable moments!




Spin was Lynette’s first love in fitness, where she continues to find strength, resilience and confidence, both on and off the bike. Being in the moment and riding to the beat is her safe haven and happy place. As an instructor she strives to share this with others and uplift the community. Besides cycling, she also enjoys hiking, running, hitting the gym, and will never shy away from a new way to sweat — if you’re in search for a sweat buddy, she’s the one!




Meet Natalie! 👋🏼

Rhythmic cycling became a form of therapy for her when she was previously diagnosed with a chronic illness. 

“With mental resilience and consistency, you will be surprised to see how strong and far you can push yourself to the limit, feel empowered and be proud of your sweaty hard work (literally!)”  

When she’s not on the bike you can find her tanning by the pool or beach sipping some G&T!

Come join this inspiration for a mixture of RnB, Hip-hop, Electro House & Jungle Beats! 




Meet Jesslyn! After her first ever rhythmic cycling class, she instantly fell in love with it because of the good vibes and the sense of accomplishment it gave her. Now she’s here ensuring you feel the same every time you walk out of our studio doors! 🫢  Out of the gym you can find her experimenting different fitness activities and trying different types of food. If you need a gym buddy or food kaki, you know where to find her! Look forward to her infectious smile, tropical house, indie pop and trance when you book in for her classes!




Megan just came to love indoor cycling not only for the loud music and good vibes, but also because she didn’t feel the need to compare herself to others as she was accountable only to herself for the effort she gave while riding! 

“It’s the cleaner and healthier version of clubbing! When the adrenaline hits it feels so good.” 

Out of the gym, you can find her cafe hopping for different coffees or in the club shazaming her next track for class 😂

Get ready for an insane ride filled w EDM, Pop Punk & Pop Remixes! We’ve warned you, her arm tracks are killers 💯

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