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Who We Are

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Head instructor

Schwiin Indoor Cycling Certified
GX Fitness Certified
CPR, First Aid, AED Certified

Head Trainer & R50 Instructor, Caitlyn is always servin' up good vibes. Fitness to her is all about bringing out the best version of yourself physically and mentally. Join this energiser bunny as she journeys alongside you, exceeding limits, finding balance and bringing out that inner confidence. 

"Comfort is the enemy of progress" - PT Barnum

When she's not sweating out you can find her either bobbing her head to a new themed ride she's curating or out sharing her energy with her friends!


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Meet Nerissa! Indoor cycling has become Nerissa’s cardio soulmate! It’s her way to get in exercise while keeping both the mind and body engaged with the choreography and music. 

It’s been quite a journey for her as she used to dislike cardio, but indoor cycling quickly became one of her favorite forms of exercise!

She’s not just an instructor, but also a coffee magician. Seriously, her oat milk latte game is strong! 

Ride to big room techno, house beats, and EDM! Pop music and her have a love-hate relationship, but don’t worry, you’ll still catch some pop remixes rocking the class. Gotta keep things fun and unpredictable!


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Meet Rachael! Rachael first tried rhythmic cycling after baby number 2 and it was LOVE AT FIRST RIDE. Cycling gives her life and on that bike, she feels like her 20 year old self 🤫 


Besides cycling you can find her at the beach w her boys or sourcing for the best cappuccino in Singapore! (Don’t be shy, ask her where the best cappuccino is!)

Get groovy with her playlist! You’d be riding to Hip Hop, RnB, Old School, EDM and more! Feel youthful & rejuvenated after every class with our lovely Rach!


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Meet Annabel! Annabel started spin because she wanted to find a cardio workout alternative to running. Indoor cycling found her when she realised music & a community ignited a passion in her. 

Besides cycling, she loves playing basketball and some fun mahjong sessions from time to time! So if you need a mahjong kaki you know who to hit up 🥵


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Meet Natalie! 👋🏼

Rhythmic cycling became a form of therapy for her when she was previously diagnosed with a chronic illness. 

“With mental resilience and consistency, you will be surprised to see how strong and far you can push yourself to the limit, feel empowered and be proud of your sweaty hard work (literally!)”  

When she’s not on the bike you can find her tanning by the pool or beach sipping some G&T!

Come join this inspiration for a mixture of RnB, Hip-hop, Electro House & Jungle Beats! 




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Meet Sheree! 👋🏼

She grew up in the United States and she grew up active, participating in swim team, and dancing in genres like ballet, tap, jazz and modern.

As she continued her fitness journey across the globe to Asia, she found inspiration in gym, cycling, running and participating in classes across muay thai, yoga, pilates and strength work. 

The most recent 6 years, Sheree has discovered her love of indoor cycling, especially in the Les Mills Program RPM, she took the plunge to get certified as an instructor and she now brings her passion and energy for fitness and music to her classes. Her goal is that every person in her class leaves happy and strong in their body and mind.



Meet Leonard! 👋🏼

Leonard has discovered a deep passion for indoor cycling, particularly within the Les Mills programs, RPM and SPRINT. His enthusiasm for these high-energy, music-driven classes is evident in every ride. Leonard brings a unique blend of dedication and joy to each session, making him a standout in the cycling community.


You can find him leading classes on weekends, where his encouraging spirit and infectious energy create an unforgettable experience for all participants. Beyond his cycling prowess, Leonard is known for his warm and approachable nature, always ready to offer a friendly smile or a helpful tip. Join him for a ride and see why he's beloved by so many in the Oompf! Cycle family.

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Here's Zoe!

She's a unique blend of health & fitness - physio by day, Les Mills RPM and SPRINT instructor at night! Her instructor journey began when she took her first fitness certification 3 years ago, and she's never looked back since! 

Zoe believes that no effort is too small, if you're willing to commit, everything else will naturally fall into place! 


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